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Leadership & Behavioral Assessments

While assessments are typically combined with training and coaching engagements, they are also available on an individual-purchase basis.

Active duty/retired law enforcement officers and telecommunicators always receive 50% off assessments.

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DISC Behavioral & Communication

DISC Behavioral Assessment

DISC Behavior and Communication Assessment

Learn to how to identify— and use to your advantage— the predictable aspects of communication

After a short, online assessment you'll receive a digital report that identifies your preferred behavioral patterns and also teaches you specific skills to improve your interpersonal interactions.  We'll meet to debrief and develop action plans.

Versions include:  Leadership, Coaching, Sales, and Service

DISC 360° Assessment

DISC Behavior and Communication 360 Degree Assessment

Gain communication effectiveness feedback from others

The DISC 360° Assessment is an instrument for individuals who want to enhance the traditional DISC self-assessment by adding the objective insights from dozens (even hundreds) of observer-based DISC assessments.

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Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Leadership 360° Assessment

Leadership 360 Degree Assessment

Hone your leadership skills through objective feedback

By focusing on eight key competencies of leadership, this assessment provides a measurement tool from which leaders can objectively assess their current strengths and opportunity areas — through their own eyes, as well as through the eyes of their peers, managers and direct reports.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment

Improve leadership through increased self-awareness

Every individual is capable of improving their emotional intelligence and gleaning the almost immediate benefits that come with this heightened self-awareness. This assessment offers a roadmap to begin and continually refine this simultaneously personal and professional endeavor.

Emotional Intelligence 360º Assessment

Emotional Intelligence 360 Degree and Self Assessment

Compare your perceived “self” perception with that of others

While emotional intelligence is an internalized process of perceptions, thoughts, and decisions, it also exhibits in our observable behaviors. This assessment adds feedback from others, offering an objective countermeasure to the inherent biases that can plague emotional intelligence self-reporting.

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Organizational Assessments

Performance Gap Indicator

Company and Organization Performance Gaps and ROI Assessment

A Company-Wide Assessment & Ongoing ROI Measurement

This instrument assesses an entire company or a selected team/group across five performance areas:  Culture, Operations, Leadership, Training and Service.  More importantly, ongoing reporting allows for objective measure of intervention ROI.

DISC Benchmarking

Disc Fitness.JPG

Improve Successful Candidate Selection

Whether using career-specific benchmarks or your company performance data, we'll build custom benchmarks that better inform your hiring process.  Live data compares the candidate’s match to the company’s job openings.

Assessments: Services
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