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The Client Experience

What it's like to work with Matthew Kosec Consulting LLC

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At PCI, “Lead with the Servant’s Heart” is a core value and a key component in sustaining our great place to work culture.  We trusted Matt with developing and delivering custom leadership training to every PCI Associate.

Matt created courses that were tailor-made for PCI, including integration of our values, purpose, and operational goals.  While Matt is an expert at leadership theory, practicality showed through in seminars that were engaging, memorable, and relatable for all levels of our company.  Most importantly, the learning has translated into business results.

I recommend Matt for any company wishing to achieve results through improved leadership behaviors at all levels of their organization.

Drew Clancy, President & CEO, Publishing Concepts

Working with Matt as an executive coach was a critical step in my development as a leader, and that's even after being exposed to some of the best leadership in the world in the United States Army.

Because of the time I spent with Matt, I grew not only professionally, but also personally.  Matt helped me clearly identify my opportunities for growth, tackle organizational challenges, and incorporate servant leadership as a personal philosophy.

No matter the industry, Matt's experiences combined with his ability to quickly connect will help you achieve your goals.

Ken Edmondson

Aviation Executive and Captain (Ret.) U.S. Army


Honestly, when I took a DISC profile several years ago, I didn’t find it that helpful and stuck it in a drawer.  But my attitude about DISC drastically changed when Matt Kosec recommended it and led our TMCA team through both individual and team profiles.

The value of DISC increases exponentially when you have a trained, skilled facilitator interpreting the results.  Matt made the debriefing fun, engaging, and filled with suggestions for applications.  Matt gave me tips on “do’s and don’ts” in communicating with each of my team members to achieve more results.  And it has worked!  Well worth the investment.

Duane Trammell

Co-Founder, Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc.

Matt is a gifted writer, presenter and collaborator in curriculum design and organizational development around culture transformation. He has a gifted sense of humor which endears him to those around him. And he is highly intuitive. I often seek his counsel on challenging and complex situations.

Matt is a graduate of our Virtual Servant Leadership Learning Community and served as a co-facilitator. We also serve together on the Southwest Airlines Companywide Culture Committee. He has earned my highest respect and trust as a self actualized leader and gifted learning partner.

Ann McGee-Cooper, Ed.D. (1935-2016)

Co-Founder, Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc.

The Client Experience: Testimonials
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