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People-Focused Solutions

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Custom Leadership Development Programs

Grow Your People to Grow Your Business

We'll work closely to create engaging and memorable programs that move you and your team toward results...both today and for the long term.  Together we'll translate leadership philosophy into daily behaviors.

Nothing cookie-cutter here; our efforts will be tailored to your audience, goals, and culture.


Leadership Coaching

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Future

The focus is on you through self-leadership and personal mastery.  Matt will serve as your coach, mentor, and accountability partner.  You'll formulate a growth plan that transforms your current reality into your dreams.

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Leadership & Behavioral Assessments

Grow Through Self-Awareness

Whether it is to lead a team, lead yourself, improve sales, or deepen personal relationships, a variety of assessments (including DISC, Emotional Intelligence, and others) will guide you toward self-awareness.  Better yet, you can engage others with 360 degree assessments and team mapping.

Servant Leadership and Behavioral Assessments

Engaging & Memorable Event Speaker

Growing through Energy!

Matt's speaking engagements have been described by participants as:  "so vulnerable," "emotionally impactful," "hilarious," and "memorable" (to name a few).  Matt brings leadership insight and experiences from years of law enforcement; traveling the country as a trainer in the retail world; operating a $7M restaurant and catering company; and working with industry-leading companies.  Most importantly, he'll engage audience's servant's hearts in a lasting way!

Matthew Matt Kosec Keynote and Public Speaker
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